Special Sauce CBD – Secret You Should Know

CBD special sauce is a trend that is currently increasing day by day. It is drawn out from the cannabis plant and it has many interests. There are two leading cannabis plants and these two plants are very adaptable and have different benefits.

The two plants reassemble each other physically and contain almost identical substances. However the massive difference is because of the THC value. THC is the substance that can make a person high because it has strong alcoholic characteristics. Hemp contains less amount of THC so it is possible to take hemp without getting high.

Because of the low content of THC like less than 0.3%, government has allowed the use of hemp products [1]. You should know that when Special sauce CBD is extracted it can be used to derive many products. It can be drawn out from all the parts of the cannabis plant which include leaves, stems, and other parts of the flower.

Special Sauce CBD, difference between cbd and thc

How can we cultivate Hemp?

Hemp can be cultivated in several ways which result in several variants of the product usually named Strains. Strains are related to the content of THC and CBD that already exists in the hemp plant. However, there is a high amount of CBD and a low amount of THC in good strains. CBD has many well-known strains which also include Special sauce CBD.

A little bit about the special sauce CBD

Special Sauce is a distinctive CBD strain. It is a strain that discovers its roots in Oregon. It was established as a hybrid between two well-known plants. It comes with a potent and assorted cannabinoid profile and a lovely smell. Although it yields small to medium size buds, they are as potent as they come. The buds are light green with hairy trichomes and have orange-reddish hairs. You can also notice little purple color of this special sauce CBD.

The buds of Special Sauce are dense and sticky to touch because of their high resin content making it a connoisseur’s favorite and good for extraction.

Its fragrance gives off a unique smell; a combination of musk and berries along with sugary vanilla which motivates us for more. It has a smooth, sweet taste with dark as well as woody flavors that burns well and goes down easy.

The main role of the entire equation is its cannabinoid contents. The CBD to THC ratio is given as follows

  • CBD content: 17.85%
  • THC content: 0.069%

This depicts the excellence of strain. It contains an extensive variety of terpenes which makes a total of about 1.62% which also includes alpha- Bisabolol, caryophyllene, beta- farnesene, guaiol, phytol, and a lot more.

Buying and Using Special Sauce CBD

An online trusted origin is useful in checking any CBD product. Avoid buying off the streets as much as possible. This is because you cannot find out about its growth and the THC content it consists of. It can be confirmed from a worthy source without any doubt.

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Special Sauce can be absorbed by inhaling through a vaporizer It can as well be utilized with a pipe.


There are various kinds of CBD strains but some of them have more good quality than others. The more the CBD content for a strain, the finer it is. Special Sauce offers you high levels of CBD and it comes with a great taste and a smell that keeps you wanting more.

Remember to purchase your product from authentic sources always to ensure you are getting a premium product.

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