Clothes Mentor Consignment Store Fayetteville NC

There are many Consignment Store Fayetteville NC area but nothing can come close to the prices Clothes Mentor is offering. Clothes mentor is giving the ability of selling one slightly used clothes. one can find many brands in clothes mentor. If one is looking to buy items that are branded then one must check them out.

There are so many things that one can find in clothes mentor, aside from clothes one can find shoes, bags, hats, and other accessories. If one is not new to Clothes Mentor then one knows that Clothes mentor is not a consignment but a resale store.

To be really honest with our customers we believe then we are even better then retail. Clothes Mentor can make the difference in the world by giving the power of purchase of branded clothes to everyone and anyone.

Clothes Mentor recycles your slightly clothes and, in this way, create a sustainable lifestyle. One can also be a part it by buying or selling at Clothes Mentor.

What Can One find At Clothes Mentor?

Clothes Mentor Consignment Store Fayetteville NC

One can find all the new designs of clothing that are really cheap, if you are thinking about how cheap are these clothes ten you will be glad to know that one can find clothing that are 70% off the mall prices.

There is no compromise on the stuff and the quality of our products. All of the items found at Clothes Mentor are loved and taken with care. This is true we do buy clothes and we only buy those clothes that are in great shape or are still in trend.

You cannot expect finding bad quality worn out clothes. you will only find those which fulfill our criteria. If one is still unsure what to buy then one can ask our team member, you can let us help you find what is perfect for you.

Clothes Mentor is filled with items, we can even say that there are thousands of items that are just waiting for your closet. Our stock comes from customers like yourself. we receive thousands of new clothes every day each day

So, you can expect something new each time you visit Clothes Mentor website or give us visit in our local area.

Selling to us

Like we said before all of our inventory comes from you. We can bet you right now there are hundreds of thousands of clothes that are present in our inventory that are collecting dust, there can be many reasons of why this is happening.

The most common reason is that one outgrowing one’s old dress, our kids grows up so fast and what do we do with their old clothes, we throw them away and these clothes usually ends up in the landfills, these clothes can be easily recycled and you could have some serious money on those thrown clothes.

At Clothes Mentor there is not long policy and procedure to sell to us, one can sell their slightly used clothes in three simple steps. The first step is of course you coming in with your choice of clothes to sell, the second step being that we examining the clothes that you brought with you.

We will make an offer after examining your clothes and if you agree upon our offer then the final is step is you walking away with cash in pocket. There is no hidden charges or procedure involved. You don’t have to take an appointment to come to us, you can come to our shop any time we are open and we will be more than happy to serve you


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