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Atlanticare Staff Directory

Have you ever wanted to contact or find more information about a staff member at Atlanticare hospital? Well, now you can with their new online Staff Directory! With this helpful resource, you don’t need to worry about trying to search through endless pages of paper files. You’ll have quick and easy access to the details of any employee in no time.

The Atlanticare Staff Directory is an essential asset for anyone looking for detailed information on employees within the organization. Patients and external contacts will be able to easily locate relevant contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and other important data regarding each staff member in the directory. Not only that but it also provides users with comprehensive profiles which include biographical information like qualifications and previous experience.

In short, the Atlanticare Staff Directory makes it easier than ever before for patients and visitors to get hold of the person they are looking for quickly and conveniently. It’s a great tool that will streamline the process of finding out who you need to talk too within the organization- saving both time and resources in the long run.

Overview Of Services

Atlanticare staff directory provides comprehensive services to families and individuals in the community. We offer a wide range of healthcare services, from primary care to specialized treatments for serious illnesses. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care with compassion and respect.

We strive to provide our patients with personalized care that meets their individual needs. Our experienced doctors and nurses are committed to delivering safe, effective treatment options tailored to each patient’s unique situation. We also have a variety of support services available including financial assistance programs, case management services, and educational resources.

In addition, we offer an array of outpatient specialties such as cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, physical therapy and more. Whether you’re looking for preventive health screenings or complex diagnostic tests – Atlanticare has got you covered!

Our mission is simple: To ensure that every person who visits us receives the highest level of care possible. We look forward to working together with you to achieve your health goals.

Types Of Staff Members

Having provided an overview of services, this section will now discuss the types of staff members at Atlanticare. From physicians and nurses to administrative and support staff, every team member plays a vital role in providing quality medical care.

The first type is healthcare professionals who provide direct patient care. These include doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nursing assistants, respiratory therapists and other specialists. They are responsible for diagnosing illnesses or injuries, carrying out treatments and interacting with patients on a daily basis.

Another group consists of allied health personnel such as physical therapists, occupational therapists and social workers. They work closely with physicians to develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs. Additionally, they may help educate patients about their condition and how best to manage it through lifestyle changes or rehabilitation exercises.

Finally, there are those who make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes – from office administrators and IT technicians to billing clerks and receptionists. All these individuals play an important part in ensuring that operations run efficiently while delivering exceptional customer service to our clients.

Location And Contact Information

Atlanticare staff are located throughout the southeastern United States. The main office is in Atlanta, Georgia with satellite offices and clinics located in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. To find the nearest Atlanticare location to you, please visit our website or call us at 1-800-ATLANTIC (1-800-285-2684).

For general inquiries about Atlanticare services or for a list of providers in your area, please contact our customer service department toll free at 1-888-332-6262. You can also email questions to For all other inquiries relating to billing issues or insurance coverage verification, please call our financial assistance team at 1-866-859-4041.

We understand that there may be times when you need care outside of normal business hours. We offer 24/7 access to health information through our patient portal where you can securely message your provider directly and receive an answer within 48 hours Monday–Friday from 7am–5pm ET. Additionally, we have a nurse advice line available 24/7 by calling 1-877‑282‑1454 for help deciding if you should go to an urgent care facility or emergency room if needed.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and convenient healthcare services for everyone who needs it. Our knowledgeable staff will work hard to ensure you get the best possible care while keeping costs low whenever possible.

Qualifications And Certifications

At Atlanticare, we take pride in our highly qualified staff. Our professionals have extensive experience and certifications that make them uniquely suited to providing high-quality care. Each team member brings unique qualifications that help us provide personalized treatment for each patient.

Our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association, depending on their specialty. In addition to this certification, all medical personnel hold an active license from the state of New Jersey allowing them to practice medicine within the state. All nurse practitioners are licensed through the State Board of Nursing and attend continuing education courses every year to stay up-to-date with current healthcare trends and practices.

Atlanticare also has many other specialists who possess specialized degrees or certificates related to their area of expertise. For example, our physical therapists must be licensed by the Physical Therapy Licensing Board and may have additional certifications such as orthopedic clinical specialist or sports clinical specialist if they work in those areas. Other members of our team include dietitians, respiratory therapists, laboratory technicians, social workers, speech language pathologists, radiologic technologists and more – all requiring a variety of professional licenses or certifications specific to their field.

We strive to ensure that our patients receive only top quality care from well-qualified professionals so you can feel confident knowing you’re receiving excellent healthcare services when you visit Atlanticare.

Hours Of Operation

To understand Atlanticare staff hours of operation, it’s important to consider the different departments and services offered. Each department operates with its own guidelines regarding when they are open and closed. For instance, some departments may be available for extended hours during peak times while others might have limited availability or require appointments. Additionally, holiday and weekend schedules can vary from regular operating hours.

The best way to find out about specific operating hours is to contact the appropriate department directly. In addition to providing general information about their business hours, they can also provide additional details regarding how long each appointment may last, what services are offered at certain times, and any other inquiries that you may have. This will ensure that you get accurate answers tailored specifically to your needs.

For those who need assistance outside of normal working hours, many departments offer online customer care centers where customers can access help 24/7. The customer service representatives at these centers are knowledgeable in all aspects related to Atlanticare services and operations so they can answer questions promptly and accurately. They’re also able to provide helpful tips on navigating the website as well as scheduling appointments if needed throughout the day or night.

Atlanticcare strives to make sure our patients receive quality medical care as conveniently as possible by offering a wide range of flexible options to suit any schedule or lifestyle requirements. With a variety of departments and services available both online and in-person, customers have access to reliable healthcare resources whenever they need them most.

Forms Of Payment Accepted

Atlanticare accepts a variety of forms of payment for services. Patients can pay with cash, check, or credit card. Health savings accounts and medical savings accounts are also accepted forms of payment. Electronic payments via bank transfer or direct deposit can be used to make payments as well.

Payment plans may be available to those who qualify. Atlanticare offers financing options through third-party providers such as CareCredit and United Medical Credit. It is important to note that not all facilities accept the same forms of payment; patients should contact their facility directly for more information on acceptable methods of payment.

For online bill pay, customers must register an account on Atlanticare’s website in order to process payments electronically. Once registered, they can securely log in to access their billing statements and make payments using any major debit/credit cards or e-checks from US banks only. All transactions are encrypted and protected against unauthorized use by advanced security measures provided by the banking institutions involved in the transaction processing.

Atlanticare strives to provide convenient ways for patients to pay their bills so that they can focus on their health care needs without worrying about financial obligations associated with it.

Hospital Affiliations

Atlanticare staff are affiliated with numerous hospitals throughout Atlantic City, New Jersey and the surrounding area. They provide quality care to patients through their affiliations with AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center-Mainland Campus, Shore Medical Center, Kennedy Health System and many more.

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center is a 590-bed facility that offers an extensive range of services in both outpatient and inpatient settings. With numerous locations throughout South Jersey, they offer comprehensive medical care for adults and children alike. Through this affiliation, Atlanticare staff have access to state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatments.

Shore Medical Centers provides acute care and specialty services at its three campuses which include Mainland Campus located in Somers Point, NJ; Manahawkin campus located in Manahawkin; and Cape May County Campus located in Cape May Court House. The hospital’s array of specialized centers includes bariatric center, cancer care center, diabetes education program, heart & vascular institute, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) unit, orthopedics & sports medicine center as well as women’s health center. By collaborating with Shore Medical Centers , Atlanticare can provide high-quality healthcare services to the community it serves .

Kennedy Health System is a multi-hospital system that consists of three full service acute care hospitals – Cherry Hill Hospital; Stratford Hospital; Washington Township Hospital as well as various outpatient facilities located throughout Southern New Jersey. This network helps ensure that patients receive the best possible diagnosis and treatment available. By being part of this network , Atlanticare staff members can remain up to date on the latest medical advances in order to provide top notch patient care .

Atlanticcare also has additional affiliations with Jefferson Health – Abington Hospital , St Francis Healthcare , Virtua Voorhees Hospital , Penn Medicine Princeton Health Care Center and Inspira Woodbury among others . These partnerships allow them to expand upon their medical services while continuing to strive towards providing quality patient outcomes .

Online Services

Atlanticare provides many online resources to assist staff in their day-to-day responsibilities. Our secure intranet system allows employees to access internal information, such as employee handbooks and departmental policies. The network also contains a wide array of tools that can be used for collaboration with colleagues or clients. Additionally, our portal has comprehensive customer service capabilities including the ability to manage appointments, review billing statements, and even submit questions directly to hospital administration.

Our website is another great tool available to staff. It provides up-to-date news from around the organization, job postings, and links to healthcare related websites. Staff can also take advantage of eLearning opportunities through our learning management system which offers courses on topics like patient safety and HIPAA compliance.

We understand how important it is for everyone at Atlanticare to stay connected while away from work. That’s why we offer an email client that can be accessed via any computer or mobile device. This cloud based solution ensures all emails are backed up securely so documents don’t get lost if something happens to your device or account settings change unexpectedly.

For those times when you need help troubleshooting an IT issue or just have questions about using one of our systems, technical support is available by phone during regular business hours or via email 24/7. We’re here whenever you need us!

Patient Testimonials

With Atlanticare’s online services, patients have access to a wide range of resources that can help them stay informed and connected with their healthcare. Now, learn more about what our satisfied customers say about us.

At Atlanticare, we value the feedback from our patients and strive to use it as an opportunity for improvement in all areas of care. Patient testimonials are one way that we hear directly from those who have experienced first-hand the quality, compassion, and expertise of our staff members.

We invite you to read through some of these reviews to get a better idea of how others feel about their experience at Atlanticare. From comments on both medical professionals and support staff alike, you can rest assured knowing that your health is in good hands when visiting any of our facilities or using any of our services.

Patients appreciate not only the excellent service they receive but also the convenience they find in utilizing many different aspects of Atlanticare’s offerings—from appointments to billing inquiries. With positive experiences shared by so many people throughout South Jersey and beyond, there’s no doubt why Atlanticare continues to be such a trusted name in healthcare today.

Appointment Booking

At Atlanticare, we make it easy for patients to book appointments with our staff. We offer online booking and phone-in services, so you can schedule an appointment that fits your needs quickly and efficiently.

To book an appointment over the phone, simply call us at 1-800-555-1234 or your local branch’s number. Our customer service team will be happy to help you find a suitable time for your appointment with one of our medical professionals.

If you prefer to book online, just visit our website and use the ‘Appointment Booking’ section on the homepage. All you need is a valid email address and some basic information about yourself. You’ll then be able to view all available timeslots and pick one that suits you best.

We understand how important it is for patients to have access to quality healthcare in a timely manner, which is why we strive to provide convenient options for appointment booking.

Insurance Plans Accepted

Moving on, Atlanticare staff is pleased to accept a variety of insurance plans. This makes it easier for patients to receive the care they need in a timely manner.

The list of accepted insurance plans includes Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna HealthCare, Horizon BCBSNJ and Medicare Advantage programs (excluding Senior Care Preferred). Additionally, services are available at discounted rates for cash-paying customers who do not have any insurance coverage.

For more information about the specific details associated with each plan or discount program, please visit our website or contact one of our helpful representatives directly. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your health insurance options.

Atlanticare staff is committed to providing quality healthcare that fits within your budget and meets all necessary requirements. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your medical care experience.

Privacy Policies

Atlanticare is committed to protecting the privacy of all our staff members. We understand that personal information must be kept secure and private at all times. That’s why we have developed a Privacy Statement to help ensure your privacy is protected.

Our Privacy Statement outlines how Atlanticare collects, stores, uses, and discloses any personal information given by our staff members. It also explains what measures we take to protect this data from misuse or unauthorized access. Our statement includes details on how you can view, update, or delete your personal information as well as how to contact us with questions about your rights under the law.

We encourage our staff to review these policies regularly so they remain informed of their rights and obligations when it comes to their data security. This helps them make sure that their personal information stays safe and private while being used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Atlanticare will always do its best to keep our staff’s sensitive data secure and confidential. If ever there are any concerns regarding privacy policies, please feel free to reach out directly for assistance or guidance on any related matters.

Professional Development Opportunities

As we discussed in the previous section, Atlanticare is committed to protecting the privacy of its staff. Just as importantly, they are also devoted to providing professional development opportunities that will help their employees reach their full potential. From workshops and trainings on a variety of topics to tuition reimbursement programs for those who want to further their education, there’s no shortage of ways for staff members at Atlanticare to grow professionally.

The first step towards taking advantage of these offerings is becoming aware of what they have available. To that end, each employee should visit the Human Resources page on the internal website regularly. Here one can find links to upcoming courses and events related to professional growth, along with other helpful resources such as job descriptions and career paths. Additionally, HR representatives can be contacted directly if more information is needed about any particular offering or program.

In addition to attending workshops and classes sponsored by Atlanticare, employees may also have access to external training opportunities through various organizations outside the organization itself. Depending on an individual’s role within Atlanticare, some external trainings may even be covered by tuition reimbursements funded by the company. It pays off for both sides when staff members take initiative and pursue such personal development opportunities – not only do they benefit from expanding their skillset but it enhances their overall value in the workplace as well.

No matter how much experience someone has coming into Atlanticare or where their current position takes them within the organization, there are countless chances for continual learning here. This makes it possible for every single staff member at Atlanticare to stay up-to-date with industry trends while developing themselves personally and professionally over time – all without ever having leave the comfort of home!

Accessibility Resources

At Atlanticare, we are committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all our staff members. We offer several resources that can help ensure the safety of everyone who visits or works at our facilities.

For those with physical disabilities, there are designated parking spaces available throughout the campus as well as wheelchairs and other mobility devices that can be borrowed from the front desk. In addition, our buildings have been designed with accessibility in mind and feature ramps, low-level counters, elevators, automatic doors, wider doorways and grab bars where needed.

We also provide access to assistive technology such as screen readers, text magnifiers and speech recognition software which can enable people with visual impairments to use computers more easily. For employees who are deaf or hard of hearing, we provide sign language interpreters on request.

Atlanticare is dedicated to making sure everyone feels welcome here. If you have any questions about the services mentioned above or need further assistance regarding accessibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Community Outreach Programs

Atlanticare staff offer a variety of innovative community outreach programs to meet the needs of their local communities. These programs include health and wellness education, preventive care initiatives, and social services support. People in need are able to access these services with Atlanticare’s mobile clinic, which provides on-site medical assistance, as well as mental health counseling. The clinic also connects people who require further medical attention with specialists or hospitals within the network.

In addition to this service, Atlanticare staff provide nutritional guidance and physical fitness classes for those living in underserved neighborhoods. They also host educational workshops that focus on topics such as financial literacy, job readiness skills, and career exploration. Through these efforts they strive to create positive changes across all levels of society – from individual households to entire communities.

These outreach programs have been successful thanks to the unwavering commitment of Atlanticare’s dedicated staff members. Their passion has enabled them to make a lasting impact on countless lives throughout the region while providing essential resources along the way. It is through their tireless work that Atlanticare continues its mission of transforming healthcare for everyone within its reach.

Atlanticare’s community outreach strives to ensure no one goes without proper healthcare or valuable life skills needed for success. By offering comprehensive support at every level, they are helping shape healthier futures for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Response Time For An Appointment Request?

When considering the average response time for an appointment request, it is important to take into account various factors that could influence the outcome. First and foremost, the type of appointment requested can have an impact on how long a response will take. For instance, if an individual requests a same-day or emergency appointment, their response time may be much faster than someone who has made a more conventional request. Secondly, the location of the facility also plays a role in determining how quickly one’s inquiry is addressed. If the facility is located in a highly populated area with high demand for medical services then this could lead to longer wait times as there are likely many other inquiries being processed at once.

Lastly, it should be noted that different facilities may have varying levels of efficiency when handling appointments requests. Some facilities may process them more quickly due to having better resources while others might not be able to keep up with demand and thus take longer to respond. In addition, certain staff members within any given organization may be quicker at responding than others depending on their workload at any given moment. All these factors must be taken into consideration when examining the average response time for an appointment request.

In order to gain insight into this topic further, it is necessary to look beyond just averages and instead analyze particular cases individually in order to get accurate information about specific scenarios pertaining to each patient’s requirements. This would provide greater clarity regarding which types of requests require what kind of turnaround times so that patients can plan accordingly and know exactly when they can expect responses from their respective healthcare providers.

It is clear then that understanding all aspects related to an individual’s appointment request is essential in order to accurately measure its associated response time and ensure satisfactory service delivery by providing timely feedback from medical professionals.

Does Atlanticare Offer Any Discounts For Uninsured Patients?

Are you wondering if Atlanticare offers discounts for uninsured patients? This is a great question to ask, as it can make healthcare more accessible for those without insurance. Here we will discuss the kinds of discounts that may be available and how to determine whether or not they apply to your situation.

Atlanticare could potentially offer discounted rates for uninsured individuals since some providers have programs dedicated to this purpose. Health care plans may include reduced fees for medical services and treatments depending on income level and other factors. It’s important to contact your local Atlanticare provider directly in order to learn about any possible discounts that might be applicable in your case. You should also check with our financial advisors who are knowledgeable about current health care policies and regulations related to discounts.

It’s also important to remember that even if you don’t qualify for a discount, there are still ways to reduce the cost of medical treatment at Atlanticcare. For instance, payment plans are often offered which allow patients to pay off their bills over time instead of all at once. Additionally, some hospitals provide financial assistance through grants or scholarships that can help cover part or all of an uninsured patient’s bill.

No matter what kind of coverage you currently have–or don’t have–it’s worth exploring the resources available at Atlanticcare so you can get the most affordable care possible. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find out exactly what kind of benefits and savings opportunities are open to you as an uninsured patient at Atlanticcare.

Are There Any Additional Resources For Patients With Special Needs?

Are there any additional resources for patients with special needs? This is an important question to ask, especially when it comes to health care. Special needs can include anything from mental health issues to physical disabilities, and it’s essential that those who have such conditions receive the best possible care. Fortunately, Atlanticare offers a variety of services and resources specifically designed to meet the unique needs of their special-needs patients.

Atlanticare provides both inpatient and outpatient care for individuals with special needs, as well as support groups, educational programs, and other resources. These comprehensive treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s specific situation and address all aspects of their healthcare—from medical issues to psychological ones. Additionally, they offer various therapies like occupational therapy (OT) and speech therapy (ST), which help improve communication skills, develop motor skills, increase independence, and promote overall wellbeing.

For uninsured or underinsured patients with special needs, Atlanticare also has financial assistance options available through Medicaid or Medicare Advantage Plans. They provide access to discounted rates on medications and treatments so that no one is denied the necessary care due to cost barriers. Furthermore, Atlanticare works closely with community organizations that assist people in finding housing solutions if needed.

With its wide range of services specializing in healthcare for those with special needs, Atlanticare ensures that everyone receives personalized attention while providing them with quality care in order to live a healthier life.

Does Atlanticare Offer Telemedicine Services?

Yes, Atlanticare offers telemedicine services. It’s a convenient way for patients to access their healthcare providers without having to leave the comfort of their homes. This form of medical care has become increasingly popular due to its ease and ability to save time and money while still providing quality care.

Telemedicine enables patients to connect with physicians through video chat, phone calls, or online messages. Depending on the type of appointment needed, it may even be possible for doctors and other members of the medical team to review lab results and conduct physical exams remotely. With this technology, patient visits can take place in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection.

The advantages of using telemedicine are numerous:

  • Time Savings: Telehealth eliminates travel time, allowing patients more flexibility when scheduling appointments that fit into their lifestyle. Additionally, many times virtual visits can be completed faster than traditional ones since there is no need to fill out paperwork beforehand or wait in a waiting room afterwards.
  • Cost Efficiency: Traditional office visits often require co-pays or additional fees depending upon insurance coverage; however, with most telemedicine programs these charges are eliminated making them more affordable overall.
  • Convenience: There’s no need to leave home or miss work if you’re able to make a virtual visit instead since all you need is an internet connection. Also, some apps offer 24/7 access so anytime help is available whenever it’s necessary.

Atlanticare’s commitment to bringing quality health care directly into the hands of patients means they have embraced telemedicine as part of their comprehensive service offerings. By taking advantage of this cutting edge technology they have made it easier for people everywhere to get the care they need quickly and conveniently regardless of location or circumstance—allowing greater accessibility for those who would otherwise not be able receive proper healthcare due to lack of transportation or geographical distance barriers between them and their doctor’s office.

Are There Any Additional Services Or Resources Available For Family Members Of Patients?

Are there any additional services or resources available for family members of patients? This is an important question to consider when it comes to the overall healthcare experience. It’s essential that family members have access to proper education and support systems in order to make sure their loved one receives the best possible care.

At Atlanticare, they understand this need and strive to provide a comprehensive range of supportive services for families. These include educational materials about different health topics, counseling sessions with certified therapists, online discussion forums, and even spiritual guidance. They also offer financial assistance programs so that families can better afford necessary medical treatments.

In addition to these direct services, Atlanticare provides various resources such as patient information guides and newsletters which can help family members stay informed on relevant news related to their loved one’s condition. By utilizing these helpful tools, individuals are able to gain a deeper understanding of what their family member may be going through and how to better assist them throughout the entire process.

Atlanticare recognizes the importance of supporting family members during difficult times and works hard to ensure they have all the necessary resources available for them. With dedicated staff members who are always willing to lend a helping hand, those close to the patient will feel empowered and confident knowing they are not alone in trying times.


We have gone over the Atlanticare staff directory and all of its services. With an average response time for appointments requests, discounts for uninsured patients, additional resources for those with special needs, telemedicine services and extra help for family members of patients, it’s clear that Atlanticare is dedicated to providing quality care.

I’m confident that whatever your medical need may be, you can find the support you’re looking for from Atlanticare. They provide a variety of options so there’s something available to fit everyone’s specific needs. Plus, their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always willing to go above and beyond in order to make sure their customers get the best possible care.

If you’re considering using Atlanticare as your healthcare provider, I’d highly recommend giving them a try. You won’t regret it! Their dedication to patient satisfaction makes them one of the top choices when it comes to finding quality health care services.